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Xbox One S

xbox-one-s-2When It comes to current gaming, Xbox One S has stolen the hearts of gamers around. It’s 40% smaller than the last generation. But even with a smaller build, this console has an internal power supply and a storage of up to 2TB.

With the Xbox one S, gamers will have a richer experience and it produces a more luminous colors in games. The console comes with a higher contrast ratio between lights and darks, High Dynamic Range technology reveals the true visual depth of games.

Xbox One S has an IR Blaster which enables users to configure the console to turn on other devices, like their cable/satellite receiver, audio/video receiver,and TV. With this you can leave your remotes behind and get to the action faster.

The Xbox One S has a resolution that is four times more than standard HD. It’s 4K Ultra HD delivers the crispiest and most realistic video possible. Stream 4K contents on Amazon and Netflix and watch movies in stunning visuals.

What is a great console without and awesome controller to match its amazingness. The Xbox wireless controller is just as sleek as the console. It’s textured grip gives you a firm hold on it allowing you to have more control over it. With it Bluetooth technology, gamers can play games on their tablets, phones, and Windows 10 PCs.
The Xbox One S starts at $299 with 500GB, $350 with 1TB and $400 with 2TB.


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